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Ethical fashion maximizes benefits for people and local communities and minimizes impacts on the environment in the process of planning, designing, sourcing, production, and distribution of clothing. Ethics here means not just to avoid being harmful to the society, but rather to play active roles in eradicating poverty, maintaining means of living, and minimizing environmental problems. 

With rapidly changing trends, environmental and social impacts of fast fashion have been pointed out. As a result, the global society raised the necessity of slow fashion, and the fashion industry began to focus on environmental problems and labor issues which have been veiled under the glamour of the fashion industry.

For several years, designers, social enterprises, and industry giants have launched global projects regarding ethical fashion, and among customers, ethical consumption culture has spread.

 However, facing a new market environment, small social enterprises of the fashion industry hit a wall. They had difficulties in coordinating a response to influences of outside markets and paving the way for joint growth. In addition, subjects needed to strengthen solidarity and to promote cooperation to protect eco-friendly, ethical, and social values in the cycle of the fashion industry.

From 2012, social enterprises gathered and performed small but meaningful joint projects to fulfill social values of ethical production, fair trade, and sustainability in fashion, and as a result, KEFN has been organized. Coping with new market challenges, KEFN aims to resolve the needs of change at hand. Also, KEFN prepares medium and long-term initiatives to set the ecology of ethical fashion in collaborative ways.

KEFN hopes more people pay attention to make changes in the ecology of ethical fashion.

- To implement a national and international network of ethical fashion

- To educate and consult subjects of ethical fashion to strengthen the capability

- To support building online and offline markets to encourage the sustainable growth of subjects pursuing ethical fashion

- To improve the awareness of ethical fashion in South Korea with PR activities, campaigns, and publications

- To develop an indicator and certification of ethical fashion

- To provide up-to-date information and trend of ethical fashion

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